Liberty Business Solutions runs networks for women in business in Stockton and Hartlepool. Our networks provide an informal place for women involved in business to meet each other, discuss common issues, share ideas and build up a local network of support and contacts.
Typically, our events and activities focus on providing information from a range of sources and organisations that will help businesses keep track on the latest approaches, gadgets, legislation and available business support. The network helps you connect to the people who can help your business survive and flourish.
Our Ethos:
We understand that running a business is hard work and can often leave you feeling isolated. As women who run businesses ourselves, we also understand that the business support landscape can sometimes be a bit confusing and the regulations a bit of a maze. The Stockton Businesswomen's Network is about creating a place where you can offload problems, share solutions and just generally feel like you’re not alone.
All of our events are designed to be informative, friendly and informal and often start with a glass of vino. We particularly cater for those who are new in business or who find normal networking events uncomfortable and a little intimidating. We also welcome anyone interested in starting a business too.
Who can join?
Our networks are open to women who:
  • own or manage a busines
  • are self-employed or freelance
  • work in their family business
  • manage a voluntary sector organisation, particularly social enterprises
  • work within the public sector but who have an interest in economic development and/or business issues
  • are thinking about setting up a business or are in the process of setting up a business
To get find out more about our network, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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